Wanderess-Inspired Idyll by Poet, Pietros Maneos

“The Crocus Gardens of Bramabella” by Pietros Maneos

WanderessWhen the saffron-drawn-dawn dawns upon

the crocus gardens of Bramabella,

The Nymphs of Nysa begin

to play in the quivering light

of the Carolinian Sun.

Threading their tresses with the flourishing filaments:

Filaments painted in crimson

Filaments flecked in vermilion

Filaments bursting with the blood of The Olympians.


As I wander through the estate

in a state of autumnal bliss

kissed by the gentle, generous wind

of The Brushy Mountains,

I am joined by my long-lost-friends:

The stately Saul, The Son of Solarus,

And his gypsy companion, lovely-eyed Saskia,

that fiery young maiden

whose milk-white thighs

inspire the maddening Passions of all Men.


And so for hours accompanied by The Wanderer

and The Wanderess

we harvest the empurpled flowers

blossoming on the breast of the campagna,

while singing the hymns of the pleasant pasture

honoring eternal Nature

with poppies, poetry, and saffron –

Given solely to pagan, pastoral Pleasure!