The Huffington Post Reviews: The Wanderess, by Roman Payne

“I believe The Wanderess to not only be a triumph of literature, but part of the burgeoning counter-culture of Aestheticism that is steadily developing in the 21st century.”

– Huffington Post Author, Pietros Maneos

[Here’s a link to the full review of my book]

….I’d say!!! That’s a nice thing to read only two days after your book is published and available for sale!  Usually two days after one of my novels gets published, I open my mail and get to read things like…

  • “20% Off Fine Broccoli Cutlets in your Grocer’s Freezer!”

  • “Buy 12 pairs of linen underwear and get the 13th pair free!”


  • “Mr Payne, your rent is overdue, please attach a check for _____€ and send it by [tomorrow] or you will be forced to evict said premises.”

…Don’t they know that writers don’t have checkbooks?

…Anyway, thanks to Huffington Post writer, Pietros Maneos, for this cheerful morning.  If any of you others reading this want to brighten my day by putting a link to this article on your website, or by just clicking “like” or sending it to a friend, I want to thank you all I can.  Send me a note to and I’ll do my best.


Roman Payne


PS: Here’s a link to where my book can be bought as of yet