Manon Lescaut vs. The Wanderess …comparison of nudity on book covers

In this image I’ve displayed Four book covers: three of the classic,
Manon Lescaut, that are currently live on
Amazon in the General Search, “Classics”
category. The fourth: The Wanderess, will
be placed in the category called “Erotica.”

manon lescaut versus The Wanderess
…IN RESPONSE TO ALL WHO SAY THAT THE COVER DOESN’T REPRESENT THE STORY:  This in itself is an interesting story.  I started writing the novel in late 2009 and it is the only novel I worked on between 2009 and 2014 (which is to say it is the sole thing that occupied my thoughts during this period).

And the first thing I created – after creating, in my head, a rough outline of the story, which I knew would center around a youngish man and a girl… some masculine heroic type, an adventurer; as for the girl all I knew was she would be what I coined was “a wanderess – the first thing I created was the cover!  That is to say that I’ve carried that same cover around with me all these years “knowing” that this would be the cover of The Wanderess… whatever The Wanderess would be!



2 thoughts on “Manon Lescaut vs. The Wanderess …comparison of nudity on book covers

  1. I must admit, I do not understand the trouble at all.
    “The Wanderess” has such a tasteful, beautiful cover and I absolutely can´t see why it should be cencored.
    As well we could prohibit some important artists. No Rubens, no Manet, no Schiele, no Freud, no Modigliani…
    What a sad world it would be!


  2. We all wear mask , why does Amazon want to peel off “wanderess ” mask ?
    we must leave writers in their bubbles , when an American is married to both America and France freedom of expression shouldn’t be debate .


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