Authors: Ways I can help you promote your writing and your books…

Dear Writers, Authors, Photographers, Poets, and Artists,

I have partners and resources that can get you instant exposure: help you sell your books, help you publish your writing on quality literary websites, etc.  Some of these services I can offer for as low as $10.

For example, I can send a message of your choice to over 1,300 readers.  I can send a news item of your choice to 2,000 journalists in the USA and/or in Europe.  I can get your short stories, essays and articles, photos, paintings, book publicity ads, or author interviews, on quality online literary magazines.   Through message blasts, I can give you “virtually instant” publicity.  Through publishing you in magazines, I can give you fame that will last (people will find it when then type your name in Google.

If “instant” or “lasting” fame interests you, please fill out this short form below: (Note all information in the form will be sent to me privately and will remain private)


Thank you for filling out this form, I will email you soon!



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