Wanderess Tour: Only Four Places Left to Sail the Adriatic Sea and Learn to Write with Roman Payne

A message to all Wanderers and Wanderesses from Roman Payne:

I am very excited to say the this summer’s Wanderess Tour is on!  Our luxury sailboat will be leaving from the city of Split, Croatia, at the end of August; and we will  be at sea for seven days.

This will be an intimate tour limited to six participants only!  (In addition to the six participants, there will be myself, as well as a skipper aboard.)

The Wanderess Tour will be a great adventure.  It includes daily intensive writing workshops where I will help you start a new novel or finish the one you are working on.  We will see some wonderful places that figure in my novel, The Wanderess, (such as Malta and Italy).

On of our participants will be celebrating her birthday during the tour, so we will through a great party for her.

The cuisine will be of the highest quality at the lowest possible price.  Each day we will dock in the harbor of a different city or village where we can buy the freshest local ingredients: fish, vegetables, spices like saffron, truffles, and all kinds of delicious wines, red, rosé, white and sparkling.  As you know, these farmers’ markets are very inexpensive and the food sold is as authentic to the locale and as fresh as can be.  After shopping, our group will set sail again and all participants will be invited to cook their purchases to their hearts’ delight in the boats gourmet kitchen.

My goal with this tour is four-fold:

  1. Share with you the world of The Wanderess and the secrets of how and why I wrote the book.
  2. Give you an amazing Mediterranean sailing experience (including kite surfing and swimming), a vacation you will never forget.
  3. Introduce you to new cultures as we explore the port cities of different countries.
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY:  I vow in these seven days to make you a better writer.  Not just a better writer, but an accomplished writer, with goals to work towards and the courage, discipline, and skill to do it.

Total cost for the tour is between 1,000 and 1,300 euros for seven nights, seven days.

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