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Free Download: A Novel About Paris

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Rooftop Soliloquy, Payne’s 4th novel, is free to download for the next five days!  Go here and download today for Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, PC, or another electronic reader:





For those who missed the offer: Free “Wanderess” for iPad, Kindle, Table, or PC

In case you didn’t see my offer a few days back…


Today and Tomorrow (March 13th – 14th), you can download a free copy of my latest (and greatest!) novel, The Wanderess — for iPad, Kindle, Tablet, or PC.


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Free for One Day for Download from Amazon… (March 6th 2014)

This Thursday, March 6th, you are invited to Download Free from Amazon the 2nd Edition of my latest novel, The Wanderess.

(*Edition N°2 has upgraded formatting and footnotes for superior viewing on Kindle, iPad, Tablet, and PC.  The manuscript has not been changed [not a word of it!])

A Great Work of Art, Free this Thursday on

A Great Work of Art, Free this Thursday on

Happy New Year 2014, Your Rooftop is Free !

Last day to download my old “roman libertin” Rooftop Soliloquy for Free (Kindle version rated #2 Bestseller, category Urban Literature”)… also at the same time, pick up “The Wanderess” for Kindle for $3 (Tomorrow it goes back to 10!)…

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#Bestseller in the Kindle Store, Category "Urban Fiction" Jan 1st 2014

#Bestseller in the Kindle Store, Category “Urban Fiction” Jan 1st 2014

A gift for the ☆ Most Creative ☆ book review… Free Chanel perfume (pour homme ou pour femme).

Chanel and The WanderessA gift of Chanel Perfume (Coco for women, Coco Mademoiselle, or Allure for Men) for the ☆ Most Creative ☆ book review of The Wanderess.

Note: Just for this contest, my publisher lowered the price of my novel (e-format) to only $2.99 (American dollars), so it won’t cost much to play.

How to play:

1. Check out my book.
2. write a unique & creative review.
3. post on Amazon, or also on Goodreads, CulturalBook, or your Blog.
4. Email a link to your critique to ☆
5. I will soon contact you buy email. If you don’t win the perfume, but your review is still really creative, you will receive a hand-written postcard from me praising your writing talent.
Here is the link to my novel:

Have fun !!  

– Roman

♡ The Beauty of Paperback Books ♡ (codex vs kindle)

I am so far away from civilization (viz., “places where they print books” …at least my books, in English).  Here I am in my hideout bunker just outside of Paris; and Monsieur the Postman just paid me a visit… he brought me what I’ve been waiting years to see… paperback copies of my latest (and greatest) novel...The Wanderess“…

First Page of The Wanderess (paperback version); published Nov 2013, chez Aesthete Press

First Page of The Wanderess (paperback version); published Nov 2013, chez Aesthete Press

…It is so beautiful!  How I love paperback books!, much more than hardcover books.  It is a format that began to flourish around the 4th Century AD… that’s when the “codex” began replacing the scroll.  Now, 1700 years later they are trying to replace the codex with “Kindles.”  I thought it would never work.  Yet Kindle versions of my books are outselling the paperback versions 10 to 1!

So, for every one person who gets to enjoy my latest novel the way it was meant to be enjoyed, ten poor souls are reading my prose in inkless ink.  It’s a shame.  It’s enough to make me want to change professions.  Maybe I’ll direct films… at least ugly VHS tape never replaced old-fashioned film.

Any ideas on how to make people give up their Kindle versions and read the paperback?

– Roman

Free Today on Amazon… The Newly Released “The Wanderess,” Free for Kindle Download!

For my friends to download and read and love…

Today, *My new novel… The Wanderess… is *free* to download for your Kindle*


…Just go to the Amazon page for The Wanderess, Kindle Edition, download, and enjoy.

The Kindle version is nice.  But if you find fault with the formatting, remember: the paperback version is more beautiful.

Remember Friends:  If you enjoy my book, please review it on Amazon!  It’s a simple courtesy to write a short paragraph or two.  And if you see ✮✮✮✮✮ !, it will really help my book to have a long and happy life!

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