Last night I took the road to Chantilly…

Last night I took the road to Chantilly…

“The Road Taken”

It was one of those delicious nights.   In Lamorlaye, I called on M– who gave me lodging in her castle…. 

The estate of the illustrious Madame de M–.

The servants were asleep by the time I arrived.  I asked my hostess for a cup of hot sheep’s milk, she brought me a keg of wine.  Ô, did I sleep and dream, last night!  Ô, did I feel fine!

I dreamt I spied Artemis bathing in her fountain.

(Diane dans son bain, ses jambes d’ivoire)…

The fountain of Artemis, Le bain de Diane.

Figure this: Diane didn’t turn me into a stag; she gave me two kisses, and one more keg!

So, to-day I am off to Ireland. Travel be good to me!       –Roman